The Power of Education:

By now you’ve heard the term ‘Great Resignation’ — and there certainly is a lot of resigning going on — but to me, that’s only half the story.
Today, I’m excited to announce I’m joining the U of Digital team, and can’t wait to get started helping to demystify this industry for those who are curious, frustrated, ambitious, or just plain interested.
Hey, Salespeople! Helping your customers navigate and prepare for a successful data-compliant future is not just your job, it’s your duty.
Doing math with numbers? Pretty fun! 1+7=8. 10-4=6. Got it, this is easy - hit me with another one. 3x + 1 = 10. Excuse me, what? Did you say “x”? Did you use a letter in a math problem?
Welcome to the first edition of Leaders of Digital. This blog series gives a nod to companies and experts in and around the Digital Marketing space that we think are extra awesome.
Ready to meet another one of the intelligent folks behind U of Digital training and educational content? Here are some practical tips and uncensored stories from one of the very best in the business, Julian Frachtman.
Team Dayā (Dayā means kindness in Nepali) is a group of your friends from the advertising and technology industries who are building primary schools in some of the most impoverished places in the world.
Welcome to the first-ever entry in our Experts of Digital blog series! Each month we interview one of the intelligent folks behind U of Digital training and educational content to give you practical advice and uncensored stories from some of the very best in the business.
Ad tech is full of BS. Because when companies create confusion about their products, to make themselves sound more advanced than they actually are, they are able to sell more.
Conventional wisdom nowadays advises marketers to run as far away from black-box ad tech companies as possible.
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