5 Reasons To Educate Your Sales Team

Have you ever heard an employee complain that they didn’t have enough time to fully understand the industry, the changes happening, and most importantly, what it means for their clients? And found yourself nodding violently in agreement (at least in your mind)? For anyone in digital advertising, you know that keeping up with the space is a near impossible task without ongoing education. So many companies to track, evolving technologies, and now the seemingly endless articles about consumer privacy and regulatory policies. And to make matters worse, so much biased, redundant, and confusing coverage of the industry in the trades. 

Education and training can be a solution. These five stats will help you understand why.

  • Continuous training gives 50% higher net sales per employee.

  • Every dollar invested in sales training returned 29x in incremental revenues.

  • The best sales training improves performance by an average of 20%.

  • 79% of buyers prefer interacting with salespeople who are trusted advisors.

  • 58% of buyers report that sales reps are unable to answer their questions effectively.

We can’t leave salespeople to their own devices to just ‘figure it out’ anymore. That’s not fair. The ad tech space is evolving constantly, and folks are overwhelmed. 

Training and education should not be a one-time event for new employees. It should be an ongoing process. That’s how successful organizations do it. In a seemingly commoditized ad tech space, training employees to serve as trusted industry advisors helps create meaningful differentiation amongst fierce competition. 

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5 Reasons To Educate Your Sales Team Pamphlet

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