Introducing Drunk Advertising History Episode 1:

Inspired by the popular Comedy Central series, Drunk Advertising History is a boozed-up recitation of pivotal moments in digital advertising history. Join host Shiv Gupta, along with a dynamic cast of industry veterans, as they present the stories that helped shape ad tech as we know it today. We drink, and we share things. 

Please enjoy Episode 1, the tale of and its role in shaping the Programmatic landscape we all know (and love?). Featuring Rob Deichert, President of Deichert Consulting ( 2000 – 2006, former CEO of EyeView, fprmer COO of 33Across), and Rick Abell, VP of Global Publisher Development at Exponential ( 2003 – 2008), this is an exciting and educational tale that you don’t want to miss.


Rob Deichert ‘The OG’
Director of Operations (+6 other roles!) – (2000 – 2006) 
President – Deichert Consulting LLC

Rick Abell ‘The Young Buck’
Senior Business Analyst – (2003 – 2008) 
Vice President – Global Publisher Development at Exponential

Shiv Gupta ‘Your Booze-Hound Host’ 
Business Analyst (+2 other roles) – / AOL (2007 – 2016)
Founder – U of Digital

Ad tech news
with a side of memes.

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