Mad(Tech) Tweeters to Follow: Q1 2021

Social media offers a significant opportunity for all of us in the digital marketing industry to connect with credible experts that educate, entertain, and inspire us. At U of Digital, we LOVE using our Twitter account to engage with the adtech and martech communities. But, we also know there can be a lot of bullsh!t out there. So, to help you cut through the clutter and connect with the best collective wisdom of the digital marketing crowd, we’ve created a regularly-updated Twitter List (Mad(Tech) Tweeters) you can follow. Here are some of our favorite highlights from the last quarter:

AdExchanger (@adexchanger) – One of our absolute favorite resources for digital advertising and marketing news. Most tweets are short, punchy headlines that require you to click-in to learn more, but they occasionally throw in a really entertaining comic that depicts a hot topic or trend.

Ad Tech Explained
(@adtechexplained) – This one just popped up on our radar a few months ago, and we’re happy it did! Their posts link to very detailed, yet easy-to-read explanations of big, current facets of adtech such as Competitive Separation in Video Advertising Explained and What is a PPID? PPID Explained. This isn’t the kind of account you can just scroll by, clicks are required to really benefit from the wealth of knowledge it provides.

Ari Paparo (@aripap) – Are you really even in ad tech if you don’t follow Ari? He is intelligent, witty, and highly influential. As CEO of Beeswax, he also brings in great tips and observations for leaders and entrepreneurs. (PS click to read the full Twitter thread below, it’s hilarious)

Terry Kawaja (@tkawaja) – Terry, THE industry go-to for all things M&A, cuts straight to the point, and we like it. He provides an unfiltered and unique perspective on current adtech happenings, making you pause for a second and say, ‘huh, I never thought of it that way.’ He also taps into his inner Photoshop design skills, for entertainment purposes. You’ll learn a lot, quickly, by following this guy.


Lauren Johnson (@LaurenJohnson) – Lauren is a Senior Advertising Reporter at Business Insider, so she’s always sharing the industry news that matters most. She keeps it real, short, and to the point. She also uses great photos to get her point across, which is much appreciated by the “fast scrollers” out there.

Thanks for reading. Tune in next quarter for more MadTech Tweeters to follow!

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